The New York Sessions by Brainpower

The New York Sessions is a collection of songs recorded in New York.

These songs are written & performed by award winning Amsterdam Hip Hop artist Brainpower plus some very special guests.

Featuring collaborations with US artists such as Ultramagnetic MC's rap legend Ced Gee, the impeccable & incredible Jean Grae, Smacks Records recording artist Kice Of Course and raw underground vet Raaddrr Van.

Production by Oh Jay, Mr. Len (of Company Flow fame), Maniak & TLM

You can call it an EP. Call it a free Mini-Album. Call it Hip Hop. Call it Art. Music. Culture. Call it all or none of the above.

Call it whatever you like....

The essence is ... It's here for you to enjoy!


Artwork by: Uncas Huges
Photography by: Gertjan Mulder
Website by: Michael Guntenaar

Download Brainpower - The New York Sessions for free!